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At Impact Primary Care we seek to participate in a successful delivery system that includes the vital components of practicing prevention and health management. From a systemic approach, our community, including Nurse Practitioner providers and doctors near me, we see this holistic element to decrease the amount of emergency room visits and potentially shorten the length of hospital stays, while simultaneously improving the quality of life of patients.


We know how important prevention, education and disease management is to our health care system. With exuberance and understanding, we found that providing patients with information, achievable goals, and measurable outcomes while monitoring their progress is a priceless tool. This process, along with offering evidence-based data, give the patient an opportunity to make empowered and informed decisions. This allows the decision making for disease management to be made by the person it would affect.

Creating informed patients is a process that we deem to be immeasurably valuable in the Nurse Practitioner’s role.

We as a community, APRN’s and doctors near me, want to focus our pursuits on general medicine, disease management, and preventative care.


According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners are becoming the health partner of choice for millions of Americans with 916 million visits every year. As clinicians, we blend clinical expertise in diagnosing and treating health conditions with an added emphasis on disease prevention and health management.

Nurse Practitioners understand how high quality, cost effective, and patient centered health care is a model that is required to sustain a successful health care delivery system. With the shortage of health care providers in primary care, we see the growing field of Nurse Practitioners to be solution to major factors contributing to issues in our health care system. We collaborate, with doctors near me and doctors from other states that you are currently under care with.

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Jack Kinne
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Was seen immediately. Everything worked like a well oiled machine -- I was in and out in less than 30 minutes! Great staff: Linda was professional, no nonsense, and a font of knowledge. I left informed, which is rare. Best experience in a medical setting I've had in years -- 10/10, would recommend.
Chelsea Obermeyer
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Linda is an absolute outstanding NP. She actually takes the time to get to know you on a personal level. She is very thorough and takes time to listen without judgement and for once I didn't feel rushed in and out. Linda's preventative approach and detailed care is how all provider's should practice!
Rocco DiBenedetto
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I went to impact primary care there was no waiting, seen right away. Seen by a nurse practitioner Linda Ritter. She was professional and thorough. She explained everything to me. Great experience highly recommend this practice.
John Bown
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I have been with Linda through several practices and I find her to be warm and knowledgable She always takes the time to explain ebery issue in detail and has a very good bed side manner
Austin Clebock
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Went to see Dr.Ritter for a ruptured ear drum, I was able to be seen quicky and easily. She was very knowledgeable and able to monitor it well throughout the healing process.